Obesity and Semaglutide 

Tired of feeling hungry all the time? Can’t ever seem to lose weight you need to live a healthier and prosperous life? As a provider of telemedicine healthcare in Tampa, Florida, we at NutriVITAL Wellness Solutions are here to help.
Did you know that obesity is directly related to the leading causes of preventable and premature deaths in the United States? Diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers can be prevented or improved just by losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. There’s finally an FDA approved medication that can be given once per week via subcutaneous injection that has been shown to reduce weight significantly each week. With our medical weight loss services, we are here to help you.
In a clinical trial, participants taking Semaglutide in conjunction with diet and exercise, lost 15 percent of their body weight, on average improving their cardiometabolic risk factors overall. The biggest side effects reported are GI upset (nausea and diarrhea). Our process for initiating Semaglutide is simple. We start low and go slow! This nearly eliminates the potential risk of nausea or diarrhea. We offer customized diet and exercises for your specific body needs to make losing weight the most realistic and attainable goal you’ve ever met! Though this medication is not likely covered by insurance companies due to cost, we can have it shipped directly to your home with detailed instructions on self-administration for a totally affordable price. By avoiding using insurance companies, we can assure you get the lowest prices on medications.

We also offer package pricing to give you additional savings, individual support, guidance and frequent monitoring to ensure you are well taken care of. It’s quite simple under the close supervision of Dr. Antoinette Fregoso DNP, APRN, FNP-BC! Call today to schedule a free consultation to see what healthcare services in Florida is for you! Florida residents: (813)-836-4974. New Mexico residents: (505)-377-0276.

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