What is IV Nutrient Therapy?

IV infusions deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream allowing for superior absorption and 100% bioavailability. This provides an almost immediate relief of symptoms. Oral vitamins are likely to provide about 50% of bioavailability during the digestion and absorption process. We offer several IV formula combinations to address a variety of issues including:

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  • Immune system strengthening
  • Anti-aging
  • Athletic Performance and recover
  • Metabolism enhancement
  • Hangover & headache relief
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Skin enhancement

We also have a variety of optional enhancements to add to your treatment to help meet your specific goals!

What’s the process to get an IV infusion?
A brief medical history and evaluation will be conducted to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for IV therapy. Labs may be recommended prior to initiating treatment. If you are considered a candidate for treatment, consents will be signed, a small IV catheter will be placed into your vein and your specific formula will be mixed based on your discussion with Dr. Fregoso. She will then slowly initiate treatment to ensure your tolerance. The drip takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. She will monitor you shortly after infusion to make sure there are no side effects. The IV will be removed and you will be provided with post-infusion instructions. That’s it! It’s quite simple!!!
Who should get IV therapy?
Generally healthy individuals over the age of 18, without chronic underlying illnesses may be a candidate for treatment. Speak to our provider to discuss specific symptoms and targeted concerns to determine if there are any contraindications.
Is IV therapy safe?
IV therapy is very safe if done by a licensed, trained professional. There are many things that our provider takes into consideration when determining what is the best cocktail to address your needs. It is imperative you are honest about your medical history and current medications to ensure you have the best outcome. It’s also important to note that all formulations created are not approved by the FDA. This is a non-traditional approach to maintain health, treat symptoms or improve hydration status.
Will I experience any side effects?
Every cocktail has a different formulation, and some may cause symptoms of flushing, chills, headache, or dizziness. Your provider will discuss potential reactions, risks versus benefits of each cocktail depending on the nutrients infused. In general, patients tolerate infusions very well. Common reactions include pain at the injection site, burning and/or bruising.
How often can I get an infusion?
That really depends on your goals, symptoms, and health history. This will be discussed further at your individual evaluation.
Is IV therapy covered by insurance?
We do not accept insurance for these services therefore your insurance will not be billed. This is a cash based service (We accept all major credit cards).
What is the cost of an IV infusion?
Please see the list of our menu for pricing.

Ready to experience the difference of IV nutrient delivery and feel better immediately? We can travel to your home or a location of your choice for your convenience. Enjoy our mobile/concierge services without having to leave your home. Book for parties, weddings, work events, fitness events or girls/guys night out!

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Service areas include:

Tampa, Riverview, Brandon, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Sun City, Town ‘N’ Country, Carrollwood, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Seffner, Temple Terrace.

Send us a message if you are outside these service areas or if you have a specific time request. Additional fees apply for times outside of business hours or for greater than 40miles of business address.

$50 convenience fee applies to all concierge services. Additional fee for service areas greater than 40 miles outside of business address.