Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our goal is to provide individualized care to every patient we treat. We are passionate about providing customized treatment options to all patients based on their needs. Please review our frequently asked questions for your convenience.

If you still have further questions, kindly send us a message or give us a call. We would be happy to help!

Do you accept insurance?
We do not accept or bill insurance. This is to ensure the lowest overhead costs so we can pass on that savings to you. Our goal is to provide individualized care, not focusing on the needs of insurance companies, only the needs of the patient. Our practice accepts all major credit and debit cards.
Do you accept HSA and FSA payments?
Depending on the service rendered, you may qualify for reimbursement. We are happy to provide a summary of services provided for you to submit to your insurance. Please note if your claim is denied, we do not offer a refund. We do not communicate with the insurance company for any reason. It is the patients’ responsibility to submit all required paperwork for reimbursement.
How do I get labs or medications?

NutriVITAL Wellness Solutions works closely with various pharmacies and laboratories to ensure you receive the lowest possible rate for services! We can often offer you THE CHEAPEST rate for blood work and medications because we do not go through insurance. Speak with your provider to determine the best option for where you live to ensure the lowest possible price. We will also search for the best pharmacies and prescription discounts to ensure you get the best price available.

You can request to have your medications shipped directly to your home or be sent to a local pharmacy of your choice.

If I just had blood work done, can you use those results, so I don’t have to pay for blood work or get stuck again?
Yes! As long as results are within the last 6 months and include the necessary tests needed for the evaluation. Discuss this with your provider at the initial consultation. We are happy to have you sign a release of information, and we can either request your records, or you can send them via your secure portal. If some tests are not included in your results, we are happy to order them to get drawn before the next appointment.
What ages do you see?
Dr. Fregoso is a Family Nurse Practitioner meaning she can provide primary care services to any age! However, due to the limitations with telemedicine, she prefers seeing patients over the age of 16 only. Children under the age of 18 require parental consent.
What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine or virtual visits allow patients to communicate with their provider via video conference addressing current medical concerns. The provider is able to address many health concerns, especially those that do not require a physical examination. Common conditions include rashes, pink eye, thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances, blood pressure (case by case), cholesterol, or UTIs.
What if I only want to take natural vitamins or supplements?
You can purchase vitamins and supplements online from Dr. Fregoso’s Fullscript dispensary, which includes approved health and wellness protocols developed by leaders in the industry for proven results. These dietary supplements are proven to meet strict quality, purity, label accuracy, and safety standards. A prescription can also be ordered for self-administered injections shipped directly to your home! *These recommendations have not been approved by the FDA.