Factors That Can Affect Our Immune Systems

There are several factors that can affect our immune systems. With Covid running rampant, I often get asked what someone can do to protect themselves from getting sick. Or, what sorts of things can they do to maintain a strong immune system?

Our immune systems play a critical role in fighting off infections or bad bacteria that we are exposed to. Without a strong immune defense, our bodies have little fight when it comes to fighting off infections such as influenza or even Covid-19. The reality is that there are several things that we all should consider when it comes to prevention and promoting optimal defense against potential infections!

Internal and external factors all play a role in immune system performance. A few examples of internal factors include Cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) not only correlates to the level of stress we are under but has been shown to be directly related to our sleep cycles. Our diet and nutrients we receive from foods also play a critical role in optimal immune health. If your diet is inadequate, you may consider taking some supplements by mouth to augment these nutritional deficiencies!

There are millions of types of supplements out there and it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out where to even start! I’ve made it pretty simple by teaming up with Fullscript, you can view my recommended protocol for immune defense and eliminate the guess work!! If you are on prescription medications or you have medical problems being followed by a healthcare provider, ALL supplements should be discussed with your provider prior to taking any supplement. You can also schedule an evaluation of your personal medical history and obtain a professional dietary supplementation recommendation based on your specific health needs. Receive customized recommendations to target your concerns! Receive a 15% discount off all vitamins and supplements shipped directly to your front door! Already feeling under the weather? Schedule a remote non-urgent care visit today and get treated for your illness from the safety and comfort of your own home!

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